‘Justice Day!’

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‘Justice Day!’ Happy #DreamLoudOfficial Bday to the phenomenal Justice Leak! Hope you’re having the best one ever sir! Can’t believe how much this guy works that I get to say the following…. Catch him in Season 1 of The CW’ Supergirl & Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries both just released on DVD…. AND catch him in Season 1 of Preacher & the new Season of Powers also both just released on DVD! So get up and go purchase a little bit of Justice right now! 🙂

Photographed By Brad Everett Young



‘The Rap Artist!’

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‘The Rap Artist!’ Happy Dream Loud Official Bday today to #DaMAN David Rapaport! Hope you’re having the best one ever sir & not working, which I know you are! You’ve earned your break sir! #ItsMillerTime

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘She Shoots, She SOARS!’

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‘She Shoots, She SOARS!’ Looks like the Fall TV season just needed a little girl power to kick it into high gear! CBS’ Supergirl Debuted last night as Fall’s Highest-Rated New Series! Waiting 40 years to have another female heroin series was definitely worth the wait! Huge Congratz to everyone involved in the ‘Super’ new series! 🙂 Brianne Tju of MTV’s Scream for‪#‎DreamLoudOfficial‬

Photograph By Brad Everett Young



‘CW’s New Groove!’

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‘CW’s New Groove!’ If you’ve watched any of the smash hit series that have made The CW the new Must See TV, then you’ve more than likely watched the multitudes of talented iconic actors on these shows that was made possible by the magical casting skills of Mr David Rapaport!

Check out this phenomenal interview today on BuzzFeed w/ David about how he helped build not just a new network, but a new way we view the casting process for these ground breaking shows & beyond!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young