‘The Rap Artist!’

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‘The Rap Artist!’ Happy Dream Loud Official Bday today to #DaMAN David Rapaport! Hope you’re having the best one ever sir & not working, which I know you are! You’ve earned your break sir! #ItsMillerTime

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Grams’ Pearls!’

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‘Grams’ Pearls!’ First Look at my New Series w/ Dylan & Ellery Sprayberry for Dream Loud Official. So amazing working w/ these phenomenally talented Hollywood Power Siblings. Can’t even tell you how impressed I am with them as human beings as well as all that they are working on. Love their entire family. They’ve raised the bar & set a new standard for growing up in the business with class! Can’t wait to share more from the series! #ComingSoon

Photograph By Brad Everett Young

Artistic Director : Ana Harrison

Production Coordinator : Dana Sprayberry


‘Sunday Fedora Ways’

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‘Sunday Fedora Ways’ Sometimes Sundays call for chillin’ in your fav chair w/ a fedora on your knee and just lookin’ pretty! 🙂 I think Mr Aaron Schwartz has that down! 😉

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Faces of Dream Loud Series’

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‘Faces of Dream Loud Series’ Aaron Schwartz & Raychel D Weiner for Dream Loud Official. Can’t say enough nice things about these two. Always bringing their 200% A Game in all that they do, which includes being two of the most genuine peeps in this biz!

Photographed / Filmed By Brad Everett Young

‘The Heavy Weight!’

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‘The Heavy Weight!’ No body wants to mess with this guy! The Mighty Ducks & HeavyWeights’ Aaron Schwartz is bringin’ in the Heavy Weight for Dream Loud Official’s Dream Bowl 2016! Keep checkin’ back! This Sunday the Game is ON!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young



‘Extra Extra Gossip All About It!’

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‘Extra Extra Gossip All About It!’ In honor of Gossip Girl Day I thought I’d share another image from the shoot w/ GG’s Vanya himself, Aaron Schwartz!

Check out the cool interview w/ Aaron on HuffingtonPost by Adrew Benkovic these photos from this shoot originally accompanied!



‘Happy Veterans Day!’

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‘Happy Veterans Day!’ Take the time to reflect & respect the Bravery of those who’ve defended our Freedom & everything else Above & Beyond! #Blessed #Grateful #Honored

Aaron Schwartz for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘CW’s New Groove!’

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‘CW’s New Groove!’ If you’ve watched any of the smash hit series that have made The CW the new Must See TV, then you’ve more than likely watched the multitudes of talented iconic actors on these shows that was made possible by the magical casting skills of Mr David Rapaport!

Check out this phenomenal interview today on BuzzFeed w/ David about how he helped build not just a new network, but a new way we view the casting process for these ground breaking shows & beyond!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young



‘The Mighty Duck Becomes A Man!’

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‘The Mighty Duck Becomes A Man!’ A Leading Man! Check out the RAD interview w/ Aaron Schwartz of The Mighty Ducks & Heavyweights in Huffington Post today by Andrew Benkovic w/ some pics that I’m just gonna have to say are kick arse!! 😉


Everyone I know has watched The Mighty Ducks & Heavyweights millions of times, so it’s pretty phenomenal to see him taking off again after getting so much attention from appearing on The CW’s Gossip Girl & The Originals. I’m sure everyone is gonna be doing dbl & triple takes at these pics! Get ready to see a lot more of Aaron soon as he takes over Hollywood again!

Photographs By Brad Everett Young


The Last Match!

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‘The Last Match!’ Chase Coleman of TheCW’s The Originals for Dream Loud Official

Chase slayed it last season on the hit series & now he’s slaying it on a stage near you!

Check out Chase’s Twitter for tour dates & upcoming music releases!


Photograph By Brad Everett Young