‘Murder She Wrote!’

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‘Murder She Wrote!’ I’m always late for the party! Happy Belated Dream Loud Official to the stunning Amelia Rose Blaire! Hope you had the best one ever doll!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘The Shutterbug!’

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‘The Shutterbug!’  Ellery Sprayberry of ‘The Bronze’ and the upcoming feature film ‘Wakefield’ for Dream Loud Official. Ellery recently got a Nikon camera & the bug has definitely bit! Follow her on her photography instagram for all the phenomenal images she’s capturing!


Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Wuthering Days!’

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‘Wuthering Days!’  Paige Searcy & James Lastovic of NBC’ Days of our Lives for Dream Loud Official. In Salem it’s not about how crazy the storm is, but how you survive it! Even if it’s a Monsoon! 🙂 I’d say these two are destined to Weather the Storm! And without a doubt entertain viewers along the way!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Fight For the Gold!’

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‘Fight For the Gold!’ Raychel D Weiner of Starz Flesh and Bone for Dream Loud Official

With only 2 episodes left the Golden Globe nominated series is not going out without a fight! Nominated for Best Television Limited Series the show is pulling out all the punches to earn Entertainment Weekly’s high praise as one of the Fall’s Best & then some!

Tune in tonight at 8/7c & see the gritty side of the ballerina world through the eyes of Breaking Bad producer Moira Walley Beckett that everyone is talking about!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Star Wars Deleted Scene!

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Star Wars Deleted Scene! Here’s your First Look at a deleted scene from Star Wars featuring Veronica Mar’s Ryan ‘Stormtrooper’ Hansen that has never been seen! It’s a Dream Loud Official Exclusive! 🙂 Enjoy and May the Force Be With You!

Photogrphed / Filmed By Brad Everett Young

‘The Power Player!’

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‘The Power Player!’ Finding out that I’ve been published again on the weekend that Dream Loud Official celebrates it’s 2 year anniversary is pretty darn stellar I must say! And making it even better is that it’s for the major Hollywood mover & shaker that is @Erin Cardillo in this weeks Soap Digest.

Pick up your copy today & read the interview w/ the once NBC Passion’s actress turned co Executive Producer / Writer of the Summer hit CW series Significant Mother & how she’s taking over tinseltown!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Gimme a Hive Five!’

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‘Gimme a Hive Five! Today is the day! Catch The Vampire Diaries’ Gabrielle Walsh in The Nerdist’ highly talked about new horror film #‎TheHive on iTunes & Video On Deman! Critics are raving about this film and calling it the best horror film of the year!

Lock the doors, turn off the lights and gather your best friends to watch tonight!


Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Walk This Way?

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‘Walk This Way?’ On Oct 11th the show that everyone alive & not so much is excited about RETURNS! Of course I’m talking about the phenomenon that is AMC’s The Walking Dead! Get ready cuz this season is different than any other! Way different!

Check out this Exclusive interview w/ Josh McDermitt w/ Undead Walking’s Adam Carlson, which features some cool pictures by a certain someone! :))))) PS I made the shirt too lol I’m an 80’s kid. What did you expect? 🙂


Photograph By Brad Everett Young


The Nightingale!

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‘The Nightingale!’ Amelia Rose Blaire of MTV’s Scream for Dream Loud Official. The films might have taught us all the rules of horror, but the with only 3 episodes left this season we’ve seen that rules were definitely made to be broken! Or Stabbed! Or Sliced!

Tune in this Tuesday at 10/9c and see if your Fav character makes the cut! 😉

Photograph By Brad Everett Young