‘All My Galaxies!’

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‘All My Galaxies!’ Today dbl booking two shoots during the same time slot by accident resulted in a mini ‘All My Children’ reunion! What happened when the forces that be took control & these two former ‘Frenemies’ Faced Off for the First Time in YEARS? Can you guess which All My Children alums reunited today for Dream Loud Official?

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Into the West!’

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‘Into the West!’ Nick Ballard of Tyler Perry’s hit TLC drama ‘Too Close To Home’ & JJ Abrams upcoming HBO series ‘Westworld’ for Dream Loud Official. Tonight things are more than ‘heating’ up on an All New episode of ‘Too Close To Home!’ Tune in and don’t miss a single minute because after tonight all the cards are on the table & there’s no going back! Catch all the drama starting at 9/8c only on TLC!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Heroes Will Rise!’

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‘Heroes Will Rise!’ In just a few short hours old friends will reunite, old foes will return and New Heroes will Rise!! Get ready to go back to a Galaxy Far Far Away!

Jen Lilley and Casey Moss of NBC’s Days of our Lives for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young



‘The iZombie Force Awakens!’

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‘The iZombie Force Awakens!’ Robert Buckley Malcolm J. Goodwin & David Anders of The CW’s iZombie gettin’ their Star Wars on in honor of the the new #‎TheForceAwakens trailer release! Catch an All New episode of iZombie tonight at 9/8c on The CW!


Photographed / Filmed By Brad Everett Young

‘Gettin’ Tricky!’

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‘Gettin’ Tricky!’ Miss Devon Graye alongside Mark Hamill on last night’s rebroadcast of The CW’s The Flash episode ‘Tricksters?’ Never fear! It’s available today along w/ 5 other episodes from Season 1 on The CW’s website for your viewing pleasure! Buy Season 1 on Blu-ray / DVD Sept 22nd which includes All-New Extras (Featurettes, Commentaries, Deleted Scenes & Gag Reel) & don’t miss the Season Premiere on Tues Oct 6th! #CWFallPremieres


Photograph By Brad Everett Young



Star Solo

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‘Star Solo!’ With the big announcement at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend about young Han Solo​ getting his own spinoff film from the Star Wars​ franchise I couldn’t help but think of anyone else except Stephen Lunsford​ for the galactic gig! He’s already been friends w/ werewolves on MTV​’s Teen Wolf​, so naturally this guy screams friend of a wookie! Make it happen Hollywood!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​


The Power of Fandom!

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‘The Power of Fandom!’ The force is strong with the new Fans of The CW​’s hit series iZombie​ & now is your chance to prove it! If you’re a Fan of iZombie then head over & vote for yourself in the ‘Best New Fandom of the Year’ in MTV​’s Fandom Awards! Voting ends July 8th! The results will be revealed LIVE during the Award Show next week at San Diego Comic-Con International​ at Petco Park​!

Tune in tonight for an encore episode at 9/8c! New episodes return Oct 6th this Fall #CWFallPremieres


Photograph & Graphic Design By Brad Everett Young​


Solo, Rahul Solo

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‘Solo, Rahul Solo’ Did you miss the first run of iZombie cuz you were in a Galaxy Far Far Away? No worries! The Force is with you! Catch iZombie from beginning starting tomorrow night, Tues 9/8c, on The CW and see the show everyone has been telling you that you SHOULD be watching!

Rahul Kohli of iZombie for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young