‘Nixon vs JFK’

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‘Nixon vs JFK’ Rob Mayes of ABC Network’s Mistresses for Dream Loud Official. Forget about Watergate! The drama on ABC Monday night’s this Summer is way more intriguing to! Make sure you’re tuning into All New episodes of ABC’s Highest Rated Summer Series Mistresses at 10/9c!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Holiday Heatwave!’

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‘Holiday Heatwave!’ Rob Mayes of ABC Network’s Mistresses for Dream Loud Official. Summer is near, temperatures are rising and tonight the Heatwave that is ABC Network’s Mistresses returns with a Season Premiere that guarantees to raise body temperatures everywhere! Enjoy Memorial Day and catch the Season 4 Premiere tonight at 10/9c only on ABC!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Mistresses Returns!

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Mistresses Returns! Rob Mayes of ABC’s Mistresses for #DreamLoudOfficial. The Season 4 trailer for Mistresses is up! Have you watched yet?


Mark your calendars! The Summer Heatwave officially begins May 30th at 10/9c w/ the Season Premiere of ABC’s Mistresses!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Happy Bday Killer!

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Happy Happy Bday to this ‘Killer’ today! 😉 Robert Scott Wilson of NBC’s Days of our Lives for Dream Loud Official.

Tune in all this week for the epic 50th Anniversary celebration! There’s not going to be a dull moment! Set your DVRs and pull your chairs up close! 😉

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Sharp Dressed Man!’

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‘Sharp Dressed Man!’ Robert Scott Wilson of NBC’s Days of our Lives for Dream Loud Official

There’s a lot going on in Salem right now! Tune in and catch every dramatic moment leading up to the epic 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Photographed / Filmed By Brad Everett Young

Instagram Version


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Truth!’ No No Rob! Did u hear us? We said Congratulations! Mistresses has Officially been renewed for Season 4! Huge Congratz Rob Mayes & to the entire cast / crew of ABC Network’s Mistresses!

We’re excited at just how dramatic you’re going to make next Summer! Wait! Is it next Summer yet? 🙂

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Hey Sunday! How You Doin’?’

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‘Hey Sunday! How You Doin’?’ Rob Mayes captivated fans on Lifetimes’s The Client List alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt and this summer he officially cemented those same fans in front of their TV’s everywhere watching him heat up ABC Network’s Mistresses. Turn up the AC, cuz this guy & his heat wave aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Tell Me How You Really Feel

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‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’ Rob Mayes of ABC Television Network’s Mistresses for Dream Loud Official. I mean, if this pic alone doesn’t let you know how much fun it was shootin’ yesterday… Always a blast workin’ w/ this guy! #NothingMakesSense 🙂

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘New iZombie On The Block!’

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‘New iZombie On the Block!’ Tomorrow Night Matthew MacCaull will take a bite outta the Zombie world on an All New episode of The CW​’s smash hit iZombie​ & on Friday he’ll be chasing George Clooney​ & Britt Robertson​ across space & time on the big screen in Disney’s Tomorrowland​! Watch out Clooney there’s a new hardest working actor in the Galaxy!

Photograph By Brad Everett for Dream Loud Official


Self Reflection

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‘Self Reflection!’ Rob Wilson​ of NBC​’s Daytime Emmy Award Winning Days of our Lives​ for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​

Artistic Director : Ana Harrison​

Production Coordinator : Alyssa Guzman​