‘The A Game!’

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‘The A Game!’ Justin Cornwell of CBS’ highly anticipated new series ‘Training Day’ for Dream Loud Official. When CBS’ announced their television adaption of the Academy Award Winning film, they knew they had to bring their ‘A Game’ and that arrived in the form of the talented Mr Justin Cornwell. Catch Justin & the phenomenal Bill Paxton when Training Day arrives in CBS primetime later this season!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘The Triple Threat!’

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‘The Triple Threat!’ Monica Lacy of AmazonPrime’s The Kicks for Dream Loud Official. This shoot was so awesome because I totally watched Monica & her sisters in The Parent Trap 3 growing up and adored her on Beverly Hills 90210 tricking Steve Sanders, Ian Ziering, as the twins Rory / Claire at the Beverly Hills Beach Club the first Summer! And don’t even get me started on Growing Pains! 🙂 Such a honor to work with this doll! No question at all how she’s worked so prolifically throughout her career & she’s just getting started! Excited for all that she has to come!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Dreamin’ Ain’t Easy!!

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‘Dreamin’ Ain’t Easy!’ First look at yesterday’s shoot w/ Justin Deeley​ of The CW​’s 90210​ & Lifetime​’s Drop Dead Diva​ for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​

Artistic Director : Austin McKenzie​


Eyes of One

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Shot some cool stuff in rehearsals w/ the Eyes of One guys last week! Putting together a lil something special for them! Catch them LIVE Sept 1 at Howl at the Moon Hollywood. Check out their page for more details & come support ’em!