‘The Man in the Hat!’

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‘The Man in the Hat!’ Happy Dream Loud Official to my partner in crime. The amazing Ryan Carnes! Hope you’re having the best one ever sir!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young

Hat : NTRL RBLS www.ntrlrbls.com


‘Weekend Cheers!’

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‘Weekend Cheers!’ Ryan Carnes and Parry Shen of ABC Network’s General Hospital for Dream Loud Official. Who’s coming to GHFCW this weekend in Los Angeles?

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Hold the Press!’

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‘Hold the Press!’ Nurses Ball is officially gettin’ ‘Crazy’ ya’ll!! Did you see yesterday’s cliffhanger? And then Todays? C’mon! Surely they won’t let #Brucas get this far and then, then, then…. Tune in tomorrow when all the non stop dramatic action that is General Hospital’s Nurses Ball 2016 continues! Oh it’s not over yet! #SavedTheBestForLast

What do you think? Will they let Lucas…..?

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘The Injured One!’

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‘The Injured One!’ Ryan Carnes 1 of ABC Network’s General Hospital for Dream Loud Official. Ryan has a sore shoulder & needs some assistance. Any massage ‘professionals’ out there that can help the guy out? 😉 Catch Ryan as Lucas Jones weekdays on General Hospital

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Red Shoe Diaries’

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‘Red Shoe Diaries’ Ryan Carnes of ABC’s General Hospital for #DreamLoudOfficial. The color Red is often used to symbolize love, passion, seduction, violence, danger, anger & adventure! Lucky for you, the viewer, you get to experience them all each weekday on one show! Tune in and catch all the drama & then some on the Emmy Award Winning General Hospital!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Cake Ever After!’

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‘Cake Ever After!’ Ryan Carnes and Parry Shen of General Hospital for Dream Loud Official

What’s the saying? We’ll always have cake? 😉 Only time will tell what the future of #Brucas will be, but just in case we’ll always have cake! Tune in weekdays to see if Lucas & Brad end up Happily Ever After!

If you weren’t able to attend GHFCW to obtain this Convention Exclusive photo signed by the dynamic duo, you still have a chance! Visit Parry’s website & grab one before they are gone!



AND even more RAD! Here’s a pic of Ryan Carnes at GHFCW signing the pic I took in this week’s issue of Soaps In Depth ABC on newsstands NOW! Go grab your copy!



The Debut!

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‘The Debut’ Pretty darned stoked to announce that the Soap Magazine curse has been broken! 🙂 The first pic, of MANY i hope 🙂 , has officially been published in Soap Opera Digest Official Page & it’s a photo I took of none other than the phenomenal friend that I started all this journey w/, Ryan Carnes of ABC’ General Hospital! Thank u ‪#‎SoapDigest‬ & thank u Ryan, cuz I damn sure couldn’t have done this without u sir! ‪#‎TheBEST‬!

Now EVERYONE go out and buy 567 copies! :))))))

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


”Ol’ Blue Eyes!’

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”Ol’ Blue Eyes!’ Ryan Carnes of ABC’s Emmy Award Winning General Hospital for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Oh Brad!

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‘Oh Brad!!’ Parry Shen of ABC’s General Hospital for Dream Loud Official

Has Brad been keeping secrets from Lucas? Just as things are heating up for #Brucas big secrets are slowly getting revealed that could keep the dynamic duo from making it down the isle! Don’t miss a dramatic moment! Tune in weekdays on the ABC Network!

Come visit Parry and all your #GH Favs Aug 6-10 at the #GHFCW in Los Angeles! http://ghfanclub.com /

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Cake Wars!

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‘Cake Wars!’ I mean it’s wedding tradition right? Here’s your First Look at the Brucas Wedding Cake series shot Exclusively for  General Hospital​’s Annual GHFCW held this year Aug 6-10 in Los Angeles! The 2nd pic in the series will be sold & autographed by GH’s dynamic duo Ryan Carnes​ & Parry Shen​ Exclusively at GHFCW & it’s a gooooood / tasty one! 😉

So, if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, now is definitely the time! 🙂 http://ghfanclub.com/

Tune in weekdays to all the drama on General Hospital on the ABC Television Network​ to see if Brucas make GH television history & make it happily ever after down that isle! #CliffhangerFridays are BACK!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​