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’26’ Happy Bday to my phenomenal friend & amazing human being聽Jonathan Lipnicki! In a time in this biz when people use ‘bad behavior/poor manners’ as a career move, you’ve continued to rely on聽your undeniable talents, relentless charm & gratefulness for all the opportunities bestowed upon you to grow & evolve into the prototype for this generation’s leading man! Super proud of all that you accomplished in the first 25+ years of your life & can’t wait to see you make 26 your Bitch! Keep killing it sir!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘Lipnicki Happens!’

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‘Lipnicki Happens!’ Phenomenal article / interview today in the Huffington Post w/ the talented jack of all trades Jonathan Lipnicki by Andrew Benkovic featuring some, I’ll just say it ‘F#cking Cool pics!’ 馃槈 This is gonna be the year of Lipnicki w/ a multitude of projects about to be released, including the new hit series ‘Interns of F.I.E.L.D.’ by Screen Junkies Plus! This is definitely Not the Jonathan Lipnicki We Knew Anymore!


Photographs By Brad Everett Young


‘The Cool New Intern!’

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‘The Cool New Intern!’ Jonathan Lipnicki of Screen Junkies Plus’ New series ‘Interns of F.I.E.L.D.’ for #DreamLoudOfficial. Ever wonder who cleans up all the Super Hero MESS after those epic Super Hero battles in films & shows we love to watch? Well here’s your glimpse at the other side of the Super Hero world from the creators of Honest Trailers. Check out the聽Premiere episode available Today & New episodes every Sunday on ScreenJunkies.com

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Don’t wait! Watch the Trailer & jump into the Field with ‘Interns of F.I.E.L.D’ each Sunday at 10am!


Photograph By Brad Everett Young



‘No Little Vampire!’

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‘No Little Vampire!!’ He might not be a little vampire, but this guy’s career certainly is eternal! Turning 25 last week definitely gave him more fight than ever! Jonathan Lipnicki is just getting started! #GetReady for more of that Lipnicki Grrr in a slew of new kick ass projects he’s been filming!
Photograph By Brad Everett Young



‘Baby Daddy Prospect!’

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‘The Game Changer!’ There comes a time when every Child Actor goes from ‘Child Actor’ in the minds of their fans to ‘Baby Daddy Prospect’ status! Jonny Fucking Lipnicki has reached that point!

Get ready for all that this guy is bringing for the next chapter in this leading man’s career! Cuz he is bringin’ it!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Jonathan Lipnicki

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Jonathan Lipnicki for Dream Loud Official

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


To Over路ex路pose or Not to Over路ex路pose?!’

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‘To Over路ex路pose or Not to Over路ex路pose?!’ The question many of us in this business must ask! And most times we are never in control of!

Captured this image of Jonathan Lipnicki while setting up the camera & lights for last night’s shoot & now I want all my pics ‘Over路ex路posed’ 馃檪 After years of being overexposed to this insane business we work in I’d say this guy turned out more than okay! BTW this image is the completely raw image. No post work was done! 馃檪

Jonathan Lipnicki for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Wow! Thank U Soap Opera Network!!

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WOW! Thank you SO MUCH Soap Opera Network & it’s Editor in Chief 聽Errol Lewis for the phenomenal article!

Just got sent this link and I have the biggest smile on my face knowing that more people are becoming aware & getting involved in helping to retain the Art & Music Programs in schools!