‘The Return!’

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‘The Return Pro!’ Justin Hartley of ABC Networks’ Mistresses for Dream Loud Official. After his big return last night as Scott on Mistresses it’s now becoming apparent that Mr Hartley is becoming the master at Returns, but this time he got quite the surprise of his own! Tune in August 8th when Mistresses returns after a 3 week hiatus & watch Summer’s hottest series heat up even more!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young



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‘HERO!’ Unexpected, but it is indeed the title ‪Justin Hartley‬ added to ‪Adam Newman‬’s resume this week!

Justin Hartley of CBS’ #1 Daytime Hit for 26 years The Young and the Restless for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young

Artistic Director : Ana Harrison


Peek A Boo!

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Peek A Boo!’ Sneak Peek First Look at yesterday’s shoot with Chrishell Stause​ of NBC​’s Days of our Lives​ & Justin Hartley​ of CBS​’ The Young and the Restless​ for Dream Loud Official​!

Couples everywhere will flock to the theaters this weekend to catch 50 Shades! How will you watch with your loved one?

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​

Artistic Director : Ana Harrison​


You Look Beautiful Darling!

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‘You Look Beautiful Darling!’ They’re each other’s stylist just like us! Justin Hartley of CBS’ The Young & the Restless helping Chrishell Stause, NBC’s Days of our Lives fix her hair in between takes at yesterday’s shoot for ‪Dream Loud Official‬

Photograph By Ana Harrison