Congratz Caleb!

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Congratz Caleb Ruminer! Announced today Exclusively via Deadline being set as lead in New NBC dram ‘La Brea!’ #WellDeserved

Read the entire article via Deadline at the below link!

‘Outrageous Sabotage!’

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‘Outrageous Sabotage!’ Halloween might still be a week away,  but this Friday break out the color wigs & eyeliner cuz the ‘Truly Outrageous’ 80’s classic Jem and the Holograms hits the silver screen! Grab the kidz and catch all the excitement, which includes Nathan Moore, portraying ‘Zipper’ giving little Ms Pink Hair & the Sing alongs a hard time in their rise to fame!

Get ready for the return of ‘Glamour & Glitter, Fashion & Fame’ Hollywood!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Showtime Synergy?’

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Gettin’ a LOT of requests for me to do my take on a certain ‘Truly Outrageous’ project! Hmmmm! Wheels turning! ‪#‎ShowtimeSynergy‬?

Photograph / Graphics By Brad Everett Young


Dance Revolution!

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‘Dance Revolution!’ When the 3rd season of the teen drama East Los High returns this Summer the ‪#‎BombSquad‬ will be bringing it like never before to the Hulu Original Series & that will include the innovative dance stylings of Mr Oskar Rodriguez when he joins the first ever All Latino casts for the network!

Get your dance cards ready kids, cuz this show will have you up on your feet & dancing through the streets! Don’t miss the premiere July 15th Only on Hulu! ‪

Photograph By Brad Everett Young