‘Back To the Beach!’

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‘Back To the Beach!’ The amazing Alexandra Paul, David Chokachi, Jason Simmons and Michael Bergin having their Baywatch Reunion Polaroid moment for Dream Loud Official.

This Holiday Weekend all signs point towards Summer & nothing says that more than spending time at the beach, and that’s where these guys come in!  With Baywatch hitting the big screen this weekend the stunning cast of the original series that made the it a Global Sensation are front & center looking just as gorgeous as ever & fans all over are revisiting the show that made it all possible now available on DVD & streaming on Netflix! Get to the theater this weekend and catch Batwatch starring Zac Efron & Dwayne Johnson & then watch the original & remember why this show & it’s cast will forever be such a phenomenal part of Television history & Pop Culture!

Photographs by Brad Everett Young

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‘Back To The Beach!’

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‘Back To The Beach!’  With the Big News today that David Hasselhoff is puttin’ on those famous red shorts again & returning to be part of the Baywatch film now in production, I couldn’t help but do a Throwback Thursday #TBT to shooting w/ the phenomenal Jaason Simmons, Alexandra Paul, Michael Bergin & David Chokachi  for their Reunion shoot for Dream Loud Official.  So much Fun! Can’t even tell you how awesomely nice & genuine they all were!

I think it might be the perfect time for another Reunion shoot guys! 🙂

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Alexandra Paul

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Alexandra Paul of the international smash hit Baywatch and The B Team for Dream Loud Official

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Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Back 2 The Beach!

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‘I’ll Be Ready!’ First Look at yesterday’s Baywatch mini Reunion shoot for Dream Loud Official!

It’s been 25 years since the series & that unforgettable theme song made it’s original splash premiere & quickly became #1 in every single country around the world at the same time!

The cast & the show are still capturing global attention to this day AND looking as gorgeous as ever! Was phenomenal watching them all laugh, joke, tell stories & really seeing they are all still such great friends now as they were during their barefoot days running on the sand! With the show still running in syndication more than ever it’s obvious there’s no ‘rescuing’ us from the show we can’t get enough of!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Welcome To The Baywatch!

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Behind The Scenes of the ‪‎Baywatch‬ gang takin’ a selfie during the mini reunion shoot today for Dream Loud Official

Jaason Simmons, Alexandra Paul, Michael Bergin & David Chokachi

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


I’ll Be Ready!!

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Today the global guilty pleasure that was #1 in every country around the world comes to Dream Loud Official!!

Preppin’ for today’s Baywatch mini reunion shoot! So stoked! Gonna be Rad!!