The Good Wolf!

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‘The Good Wolf!’ You can’t keep a good werewolf chained / tied down for too long! This season Devious Maids​’ Colin Woodell​ really shook up things & broke barriers in the werewolf / vampire world on The CW​’s hit series The Originals​ & soon he’ll shed his claws & inhibitions for Showtime Networks​ Masters of Sex​! Don’t blink! This guy is on the fast track!

Definitely dug getting to say ‘That werewolf impressed me’ after yesterday’s shoot! 🙂

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Fun Proof!

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‘Fun Proof!’ Can’t believe it’s been a year last night since this shoot w/ these two cats! What a fun time! Always a blast with them! Though it’d be cool to release some more pics from the shoot. Gonna have to plan something new with them soon!

Guy Wilson​ & Casey Moss​ of NBC​’s Daytime Emmy Award Winning Days of our Lives​ for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett


Bowling With iZombies!

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‘Bowling With iZombies!’ All the iZombie​ Pins are lined up and ready for one ‘Strike’ of a Season Finale!! Tune in tonight and watch the cliffhangers, yes plural, that will leave everyone talking all Summer at 9/8c on The CW​! Robert Buckley​ of #iZombie for Dream Loud Official

Join the cast when they take over Extra​’s Twitter during the Finale!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​


2 Broke I DOs!!

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‘2 Broke I DOs!’ Don’t miss Jonathan Kite in the epic Wedding Event Season Finale of CBS’s Monday Night Hit 2 Broke Girls tonight at 8/7c!

You’re cordially invited to witness the walk down the isle that will go down in Comedy history!!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young for Dream Loud Official


A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Dreams!

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‘A Picture is Worth A 1000 Dreams!’

This weekend marks 1 1/2 yrs (18 Months) of shooting the Dream Loud Official campaign to help save the Art & Music programs in schools! Realized the official date was yesterday in the middle of a shoot & went ‘No Way!’

It’s been a blessing to have so many phenomenal friends support & give their time & efforts to help raise awareness to the schools losing the programs & help retain & get them reinstated.

Have great things in the works to continue the efforts & take the campaign to the next level!

Lots of new shoots, content, and a HUGE announcement or two coming SOON! 😉 Please keep Watching, Supporting & Dreamin’!  🙂 #Blessed #Grateful #Honored #DreamBIG #DreamNOW #DreamLOUD

All Photos By Brad Everett Young using the Sony A3000, Canon RebelT5i 70D & Nikon D5200


Bunny Fever!

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‘Bunny Fever!’ It’s Easter Weekend & wanted to wish ‘Best of Luck’ to Youthful Daze tonight at the LAWebFest Awards where it’s nominated for Outstanding Drama, Outstanding Writing In Drama and it’s Writer/Producer/Star Bryan James is nominated for Outstanding Leading Actor In Drama!

Jen Lilley aka Jen Bunny & Bryan James of Youthful Daze for Dream Loud Official

Photographed By Brad Everett Young

Stylist : Jamie Kay Bohannon



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‘Bubbles!’ Jen Lilley and Kevin Riggin of NBC’s Days of our Lives for Dream Loud Official

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


Behind The Selfie!

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‘Behind The Selfie!’‬ Garrett Clayton & Shelley Regner seeing what develops w/ the ‪Fuji Instax 210‬ at rehearsals for ‪‎Cruel Intentions Musical‬ yesterday at LA’s Rockwell!

For tickets for the limited run visit (ONLY 3 Nights!)

Photograph By Brad Everett Young

Make Up By ‎Miranda Riddle‬


Guy Wilson & Casey Moss

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First look at last night’s shoot with Guy Wilson & Casey Moss of Days of Our Lives for Dream Loud Official.

This is part of an insane new series I’m doing! Too much fun! It’s gonna be one crazy Summer I tell ya!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young