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What is Dream Loud Official about?

Dream Loud Official is a Non Profit organization formed to help save the Art & Music programs in schools.

Each year schools are going through more and more budget cuts and each year the first programs to be cut as a result are the art and music programs. Dream Loud is a campaign to help raise awareness to this and to help encourage the school system to retain the art and music programs instead of letting them go.  And for those that have already suffered the loss of the programs or never had them we’re encouraging kids/adults to become familiar with the arts & music by learning to draw/paint/learn photography / learn to play a musical instrument, etc.


With the loss of the art & music programs kids are offered less and less chances to be creative and the result is less of a chance for them to know what lies outside the box. Not developing that creative side results in not wanting to explore and live out their dreams. The Dream Loud organization is to encourage those kids and anyone who never received the encouragement to DREAM LOUD!! To pursue those dreams!  The things that scare us the most are the most worth while! We don’t know what’s after this day, this moment, this life, so why not DREAM LOUD now and take a chance! Help encourage others to DREAM LOUD and let’s build our creative world back one DREAM at a time by helping preserve the art & music programs in schools and encouraging interest in them at the same time! 🙂


What can YOU do to help?

If you have kids in public schools currently, call the school and ask the status of their Art & Music programs. If they’re at risk of losing them ask what you can do to help. Ask if it’s based on budget cuts, etc. If budget cuts ask if you could have a fund raiser to help fund the programs. If other, attend the PTA meeting or regional school board meeting and put the loss of Art & Music programs on the agenda to be discussed and see what you as a parent or community can do to help retain them in your local schools.


What else can we do if our kid’s schools have already lost the programs?

Give your kids the gift of Art & Music. Give them  paint brushes and paint supplies, give them piano lessons or put them in an after school class. Give them their first camera and teach them about the art of photography. There’s so many things you can do. Giving them art supplies or musical instruments, etc helps them be creative in so many ways.


Why the crazy over the top pics and how are they helping to save Art & Music programs in schools?

Dream Loud Official is my over the top visual campaign aimed at raising awareness to the schools losing the Art & Music programs. It’s not 1986 and a lot of parents don’t attend PTA meetings anymore, and some are unaware their own kid’s schools are at risk of losing the programs and/or already lost them. I wanted to do something to REALLY grab their attention to make them aware of what was going on. I started by shooting their favorite actors on daytime soaps knowing how many moms and parents watched these shows to help spread the word. It immediately took off and those soap fans were sharing the pics and word on the campaign got out there fast.  The campaign grew and I continued to shoot all my friends on primetime series as well and fans began drawing pics of the photos we were taking and posting them online and spreading the word even more. I’ve been so happy that my creative insanity has been able to grab enough attention that parents and others are helping to save the programs, so I want to continue to help spread the word and help save the next generations creativity!


Whos’ behind Dream Loud Official and can we contact you to see what we can do to help?

Dream Loud Official was created by actor / photographer Brad Everett Young

YES you can absolutely contact us anytime! Bradey206@aol.com