The Polaroid Diaries!

By YoungDreamer / March, 25, 2017 / 0 comments

The Polaroid Diaries! So as many of you might have noticed lately I’ve been shooting a lot with Polaroid & it’s for good reason. Polaroid was the First Camera I ever used & learned photography with so when I learned it was the iconic brand was celebrating their 80th Anniversary I couldn’t think of anyone better to team up with to promote my Dream Loud Official campaign to help save the Art & Music programs in schools. Photography changed my life and I think it’s time for a whole new generation to fall in love w/ Polaroid the way I did growing up and inspire lots of new ‘Instant’ moments!


Here’s a look at yesterday’s Polaroid portrait session w/ Will Kemp & Rob Mayes of The CW’ Reign & Frequency! Had such a blast with these two capturing classic shots w/ the new Polaroid Snap Touch! I’m addicted to this new release that allows you to Snap, Edit and then pic the pics you want to print! It’s all the fun of the Classic Polaroid camera with an updated twist!



And of course through the power of Instagram Stories I’m able to share these great Behind the Scenes moments! Compliments of Boomerang!

Check back to See What Develops as I continue to shoot the Polaroid Portrait Series to celebrate the 80th Anniversary!