A Real Sinker!

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‘A Real Sinker!’ Put your water wings on and don’t miss Bates Motel’ & Tomorrowland’s Matthew MacCaull tonight when he joins the cast of The CW’s iZombie on an All New episode of the smash hit @ 9/8c following the Season Finale of The Flash!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘New iZombie On The Block!’

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‘New iZombie On the Block!’ Tomorrow Night Matthew MacCaull will take a bite outta the Zombie world on an All New episode of The CW​’s smash hit iZombie​ & on Friday he’ll be chasing George Clooney​ & Britt Robertson​ across space & time on the big screen in Disney’s Tomorrowland​! Watch out Clooney there’s a new hardest working actor in the Galaxy!

Photograph By Brad Everett for Dream Loud Official


Do Not Disturb!!

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‘Do Not Disturb!’ Lock the doors, turn off the phone ringer and Don’t Blink! With only 2 action packed episodes left this season you’re not gonna want to look away!

Catch an All New episode of Bates Motel on A&E​ tonight at 9/8c!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​

Artistic Director : Austin McKenzie


‘Wildly Addictive!’

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‘Wildly Addictive!’ – ET Online

Tonight don’t miss the series that critics say brings the Hitchcock legacy of thrills & emotions home! Yours!

Catch Kenny Johnson in an All New episode of Bates Motel tonight on A&E 9/8c!

Photographed By Brad Everett Young

Artistic Director : Austin McKenzie