‘I’ll Never Let Go!’

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‘I’ll Never Let Go!’ James Paxton of USA Network’s hit series Eyewitness for Dream Loud Official. I can’t believe how fast the years have flown by, but I’m so proud the young kid that used to come to set & visit his dad Bill Paxton on the set of Big Love when I worked on the show has grown up not only to be such a phenomenal actor making his own mark, but an amazing, genuine and grateful young man as well. If you’ve not had the chance to catch him on the new series Eyewitness this is the time! Put it on your ‘Must See’ list! Catch an All New episode this Sunday at 10/9c only on the USA Network!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


The Chameleon Artist!

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‘The Chameleon Artist! If you think you know Jesse Luken after seeing him on Glee & Justified think again!

This guy has a lot more tricks up his sleeve & you can start seeing them this week on USA Network’s Sirens at 10pm!

Jesse Luken for Dream Loud Official

‘Conformity’ Series!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Canon ROCKS!

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Thank you SO MUCH Canon USA for being so phenomenal & supporting ‪Dream Loud Official‬ by sending me this bad boy to shoot some of the campaign with! ‪#‎Canon‬ ‪#‎70D‬

Behind the Scenes Stephanie Romanov, Brian Gaskill &  Teres Hill for the ‪Models Inc‬ mini reunion shoot for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By  Ana Harrison

Styling by Jamie Bohannon