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’26’ Happy Bday to my phenomenal friend & amazing human being Jonathan Lipnicki! In a time in this biz when people use ‘bad behavior/poor manners’ as a career move, you’ve continued to rely on your undeniable talents, relentless charm & gratefulness for all the opportunities bestowed upon you to grow & evolve into the prototype for this generation’s leading man! Super proud of all that you accomplished in the first 25+ years of your life & can’t wait to see you make 26 your Bitch! Keep killing it sir!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘Lipnicki Happens!’

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‘Lipnicki Happens!’ Phenomenal article / interview today in the Huffington Post w/ the talented jack of all trades Jonathan Lipnicki by Andrew Benkovic featuring some, I’ll just say it ‘F#cking Cool pics!’ 😉 This is gonna be the year of Lipnicki w/ a multitude of projects about to be released, including the new hit series ‘Interns of F.I.E.L.D.’ by Screen Junkies Plus! This is definitely Not the Jonathan Lipnicki We Knew Anymore!


Photographs By Brad Everett Young


‘No Little Vampire!’

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‘No Little Vampire!!’ He might not be a little vampire, but this guy’s career certainly is eternal! Turning 25 last week definitely gave him more fight than ever! Jonathan Lipnicki is just getting started! #GetReady for more of that Lipnicki Grrr in a slew of new kick ass projects he’s been filming!
Photograph By Brad Everett Young



‘Baby Daddy Prospect!’

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‘The Game Changer!’ There comes a time when every Child Actor goes from ‘Child Actor’ in the minds of their fans to ‘Baby Daddy Prospect’ status! Jonny Fucking Lipnicki has reached that point!

Get ready for all that this guy is bringing for the next chapter in this leading man’s career! Cuz he is bringin’ it!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Jonathan Lipnicki

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Jonathan Lipnicki for Dream Loud Official

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


Jonathan Lipnicki

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Preview of today’s shoot with Jonathan Lipnicki
I can never say enough great things about this guy! Get ready to see epic things from him! Dear Hollywood your new leading man has arrived!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young

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Jonathan Lipnicki & Joel Boyd for Dream Loud ‘ Roomie’ series! I mean everyone wants to kill their roommates every once in a while. 🙂

Photography By Keith Lemelin

Joel Boyd

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Joel Boyd for DREAM LOUD
This is the second published pic from the series with Joel & Jonny William Rosen-Lipnicki. Sometimes roomies disagree on things. See how far things went when more is revealed

Photograph By Keith Lemelin

Jonathan Lipnicki

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Here’s the first pic in the series we shot w/  Jonny William Rosen-Lipnicki & Joel Zisholtz for DREAM LOUD. We all had the best time workin’ on this. Much more to come from the series as I edit 🙂

Photography By Keith Lemelin

Jonathan Lipnicki

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When it comes to child actors, there aren’t many who successfully grow up in the spotlight and actually turned out to be, well – okay! Jonathan Lipnicki, without a doubt, broke that mold and then some. He ended up being quite the talented and genuine young man. Myself, as well as many others are continuously amazed at this guy; his spirit and commitment to work on creative, inspiring, ‘attention getting’ quality projects. We’ve only just begun to see what Jonathan Lipnicki has to offer the entertainment world in this first act. Expect to see much more from him as he now becomes the leading man in the next generation of films, which will be equally if not more iconic classics than ones he’s already starred in.


Starring Jonathan Lipnicki w/ Ellie Zimmerman, Jenay Rose and Lauren de Maurégné

Director / Exec Producer : Brad Everett Young Photography/Videography : Keith Lemelin
Creative Director : Ana Harrison
Stylist/Hair/Makeup : Jamie Bohannon
Ladies Clothing Designer : Daniel Henson / Henson By DH
Production Assistance : Lisa Hernke, Becky Brandt & Andrew Crawford