‘The Contract Player’

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‘The Contract Player’ Welcome Back to Salem Freddie Smith! ‘Officially!’ 🙂 Gosh knows your fans will be happy! Freddie returns to NBC’ Days of Lives this July!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Sonny Returns!’

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‘Sonny Returns!’ The word is FINALLY ‘officially’ out! This Summer Freddie Smith returns to NBC’ Days of our Lives as Sonny Kiriakis! Why is he back? Where has he been? How long will he stay? Gonna be hot in Salem this Summer! Get Ready!

I miss the days of getting the classic TVGuide in the mail and seeing ads like this! Thought it’d be cool to do a little Throwback to go along w/ today’s announcemnt! 🙂

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘The Firestarter’

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‘The Firestarter’ Happy Happy Bday to Mr Freddie Smith today! Hope you’re having an amazing one sir!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Freddie Smith’s in the Spotlight!

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Tune in right now and check out Days of our Lives Freddie Smith on Dishin’ Days AfterBuzzTV Spotlight! LIVE! Hear what Freddie has to say about the show, his return, Will’s death and so much more.

AND you can call in and ask the questions you WANT to ask him!!


Photograph By Brad Everett Young



Crazy Week At Work!

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‘Crazy Week At Work!’ Freddie Smith of NBC’ Days of our Lives for Dream Loud Official ‘Conformity’ Series! Tune in tomorrow as Freddie & his character Sonny say an emotional Farewell to Salem!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Farewell Sonny!

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Huge ‘Thank You’ to Soap Opera Network / Errol Lewis for the honor of having my photography accompany your article about the amazing Freddie’s final week on Days of our Lives! You’re the BEST! #Days50



Back to Work!

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Phenomenal times shootin’ with this guy again today! He made getting back to work after the weekend not feel like work at all!

Freddie Smith of NBC​’s Days of our Lives​ & The CW​’s 90210​ for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​


Outta The Shadows!

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‘On the Lookout!’ If you’ve been watching Days of our Lives​ lately then you know things have been getting GOOD GOOD! And they are just getting started with story lines leading up the 50th Anniversary! Get Ready Fans cuz you’re about to go on a wild roller coaster of emotions ride! #BraceYourselves

Daytime Emmy Award Winner Freddie Smith for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​


Out Into The Cold World

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‘Out Into The Cold World’ Daytime Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series Freddie Smith​ of NBC’ Days of our Lives​ for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​


Brave New World!

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‘Brave New World!’ To say I’ve received a few requests for this guy to be part of the Dream Loud campaign would be quite the understatement. So, I just wanna say that I’m not responsible for any damage to iphones/ipads exploding by posting this. wink emoticon It was an honor to have him & his charisma that mesmerizes fans on a daily basis in front of my lens!

Heres your First Look at yesterday’s shoot w/ the Daytime Emmy Award Winner Freddie Smith of Days of our Lives for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young