‘Rear Window!’

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‘Rear Window!’ First Look at my epic shoot yesterday with the amazing Austin Highsmith of MTV’ Scream for Dream Loud Official! The new season of the slasher hit series has everyone even closer to the edge of their seats wondering who’s behind the mask & so far we can’t tell if Austin’s character of Psychology teacher Kristin Lang is helping make things better or worse for the already frazzled Lakewood residents! 😉 Catch an All New episode this Tues at 10/9c only on MTV!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young

Artistic Director : Jonathon McClendon


‘The Red Road!’

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‘The Red Road!’  Connor Weil pulled heart strings on MTV’s Scream, shook up daytime on Days of our Lives, but it’ll be his work later this Summer on Cameron Crowe’s new series Roadies that will truly be Historic! Catch this ‘golden, well red god’ when he guest stars on the Showtime original series in August!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Back From The Dead!’

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‘Back From The Dead!’ Will’s Back! Tune in during MTV Scream’s Season 2 Premiere for your chance to win $10,000! Join Connor Weil when MTV’s Scream and a Selfie contest begins tomorrow at 8/7c only on MTV! Season 2 Premiere 11/10c!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Connor Vs Rubix!’

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‘Connor Vs Rubix!’ Bobby Fisher who? Chess? Pfft! They’ve never seen the genius that is Connor Weil taking on the ultimate challenge… The Rubix Cube! Travel back to the 80’s tonight and catch MTV Scream’s Connor Weil when he guests on an All New Christmas episode of ABC Network’s The Goldbergs! 8:30/7:30c

Photographed / Filmed by Brad Everett Young

Can’t view the video?

Check it out on YouTube!


‘Stay Gnome Tonight w/ The Goldbergs!’

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‘Stay Gnome Tonight w/ The Goldbergs!’ Ah! Christmas in the 80’s! Nothin’ like it! Go back tonight when MTV Scream’s Connor Weil guests on a hilarious new episode of The Goldbergs at 8:30/7:30c on ABC!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young



‘The Phenom!’

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‘The Phenom!’ Happy Bday today to this phenomenally talented doll! Amelia Rose Blaire of MTV’s killer hit series Scream for Dream Loud Official! ‘Conformity’ Series. She fooled us all & kept us on the edge of our seats & today we applaud her & await her next act! Now go get ‘crazy’ girl! You’ve earned it! 🙂

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘She Shoots, She SOARS!’

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‘She Shoots, She SOARS!’ Looks like the Fall TV season just needed a little girl power to kick it into high gear! CBS’ Supergirl Debuted last night as Fall’s Highest-Rated New Series! Waiting 40 years to have another female heroin series was definitely worth the wait! Huge Congratz to everyone involved in the ‘Super’ new series! 🙂 Brianne Tju of MTV’s Scream forâ€Ș#‎DreamLoudOfficial‬

Photograph By Brad Everett Young




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Huge ‘Thank You’ to MTV & Scream today for all the Love & Support on Twitter & Facebook of my photos for the â€Ș#‎DreamLoudOfficial‬ campaign to help keep Art & Music programs in schools! You guys ROCK! :))))))




Brianne Tju in Afterglow Magazine!

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Very cool to see my pics of the gorgeous & talented Brianne Tju of MTV’s Scream accompanying an interview she did w/ Afterglow Magazine this month!

Pick up your copy today to check out the interview and much more!


Photographs of Brianne Tju By : Brad Everett Young


Visions of Hitchcock!

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‘Visions of Hitchcock!’ Connor Weil of MTV’s Scream for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young