‘The Witch Is BACK!’

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‘The Witch Is BACK!’ First Look at yesterday’s epic shoot w/ Wes Robinson, Corbin Reid & James Allen McCune, the amazing cast of the new Blair Witch film for Dream Loud Official. In July fans at San Diego Comic Con were treated w/ the surprise news that Lionsgate’s film ‘The Woods’ was actually the highly anticipated sequel to 1999′ smash film The Blair Witch Project & were given their first look at the film before it was ever released! The response was so overwhelming and fans left the screening shaking in their boots, raving and already wanting more! If you’re not afraid, you can catch Blair Witch when it hits theaters nationwide on Sept 16th! Check out the film’s facebook page for trailers, teasers and much more! www.facebook.com/blairwitchmovie

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘Danger Danger Silver Ranger!’

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‘Danger Danger Silver Ranger!’ Cameron Jebo of Power Rangers Megaforce and the Lifetime thriller ‘Killer Coach’ premiering Saturday July 30th! Catch Cameron alongside MTV Scream’ Tom Maden in this action packed Summer treat. Does this guy ever stop working?! Keeping killing it good sir! Go Go Power Actor!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Wanna Race?’

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‘Wanna Race?’  The stunning knock out duo Violett Beane & Allison Paige of The CW’s runaway hit series The Flash for Dream Loud Official. When The Flash returns on March 22nd there will be two ladies of speed running around Central City keeping Barry Allen & gang quite busy! I think they might just give Grant Gustin a run for his $$$ 🙂 Don’t miss a single second when Jesse Quick & Trajectory take over on an All New Flash March 22nd only on The CW!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Star Solo

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‘Star Solo!’ With the big announcement at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend about young Han Solo​ getting his own spinoff film from the Star Wars​ franchise I couldn’t help but think of anyone else except Stephen Lunsford​ for the galactic gig! He’s already been friends w/ werewolves on MTV​’s Teen Wolf​, so naturally this guy screams friend of a wookie! Make it happen Hollywood!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​


Super Nutz

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‘Super Nutz!’ After coming off a ‘killer’ first week back on set filming the upcoming epic 7th season of The CW​’s smash hit The Vampire Diaries​, Michael Malarkey​ is Super Nutz to get his first San Diego Comic-Con International​ on! Come check out the #TVD gang’s panel & signing tomorrow! #CWSDCC

Not at SDCC? You can watch the cast answer your questions LIVE on Meerkat tomorrow at 3:34pm ET / 12:45pm PT https://meerkatapp.co/

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​