Dream Loud Bdays 02/26/20

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Happy Happy #DreamLoudOfficial Bday Edward Quinn, Alex Heartman & Max Lloyd Jones!


Happy Happy Bday Ciara! 01/31/20

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Happy Happy #DreamLoudOfficial Bday Ciara!

‘Instant Charge’

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‘Instant Charge’ Davi Santos of ‘Power Rangers Dino Charge’ and the upcoming Dimension Film release ‘Polaroid’ movie for Dream Loud Official. Catch Polaroid when it changes the way you scream in an ‘instant’ when it hit’s theaters on August 25th!

#SeeWhatDevelops #ThePolaroidDiaries

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘Dino Bite!!!’

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‘Dino Bite!!!’ I’m seriously always late for the party! Happy Happy Dream Loud Official Bday today to the kick a$$ Mr Brennan Mejia! Hope it’s a killer one good sir!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘The Crooked Bunch!’

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‘The Crooked Bunch!’ Well Hello October! It’s officially time to start up all Hallow’s month with the First Scare of the Season! Tune in tonight for the premiere of the SyFy channel’s original movie ‘The Crooked Man!’ starring the phenomenal Cameron Jebo, Alexis Wilkins and Brianne Tju! So excited to see all of you scare things up in this spooktacular good time! Tune in tonight & scream along w/ ‘The Crooked Man’ at 8/7c only on the SyFy Channel

Photographs By Brad Everett Young


‘On Guard!’

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‘On Guard!’ Who’s ready for Power MorphIcon next weekend in Pasadena, CA? Cameron Jebo & Alex Heartman of Power Rangers for Dream Loud Official. Check out the official website for all the info about Epic Ranger filled event!


Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Danger Danger Silver Ranger!’

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‘Danger Danger Silver Ranger!’ Cameron Jebo of Power Rangers Megaforce and the Lifetime thriller ‘Killer Coach’ premiering Saturday July 30th! Catch Cameron alongside MTV Scream’ Tom Maden in this action packed Summer treat. Does this guy ever stop working?! Keeping killing it good sir! Go Go Power Actor!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘That Holiday Magic!’

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‘That Holiday Magic!’ Davi Santos, Garrett Clayton and Brennan Mejia for Dream Loud Official. When 2 Power Rangers and a Time Traveler get together there’s no doubt fun times follow! Hope everyone is having a ‘magical’ Memorial Day! Let the fun begin!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Silver Gun Show!’

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‘Silver Gun Show!’ Cameron Jebo of Power Rangers Megaforce for Dream Loud Official. I mean tickets to a normal ‘gun show’ already cost a pretty penny so I’m sure you’re gonna have to save for a silver one!! 😉 Something tells me it could be worth it & outta this world!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘The Lone Touristy Ranger!’

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‘The Lone Touristy Ranger!’ Cameron Jebo of Power Rangers Megaforce for Dream Loud Official. Looks like Cameron is searchin’ for a Jurassic of an adventure! Can anyone point him in the right direction?

Photograph By Brad Everett Young