‘Music In The Air!’

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‘Music In The Air!’ Polaroid Portrait No.8 w/ the mega talented Jade Hassoune of FreeForm’s smash hit series ShadowHunters for Dream Loud Official. Check out Jade’s IndieGoGo for the 3rd Season of his hit series ‘That’s My DJ!’ They amazingly raised over 50% in the first day to complete Season 3, but need your help to cross the finish line! Check it out and help them make TV history!


Photograph by Brad Everett Young

Photo taken on the New Polaroid SnapTouch



‘The Hair Raiser!’

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‘The Hair Raiser!’ #TBT That’s Throwback Tuesday w/ the wild child Jen Lilley to our ‘Hair Raising’ First Shoot together! You can’t ever say we don’t have FUN! 🙂

Photographs by Brad Everett Young


‘Instant LOVE!’

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‘Instant LOVE!’ The timeless beauty that is Niki Koss of FreeForm’s hit new series Famous in Love for Dream Loud Official. If these 4 Polaroid pics from our shoot don’t tell you what an original this girl is then you’ll have to tune in tonight and see why everyone else is captivated with her as well.

Catch an All New Famous in Love tonight at 9/8c following Pretty Little Liars only on FreeForm!

Photographs by Brad Everett Young


‘The Music Man’

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‘The Music Man’ Such a phenomenal shoot yesterday w/ the mega talented recording artist Spencer Sutherland! I now see why this guy is landing at the top of everyone’s hot ‘One to Watch’ list! Make sure you check out this guy & his incredible voice cuz you’re about to see him everywhere!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘Hey Sunday! How You Doin’?’

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‘Hey Sunday! How You Doin’?’ Rob Mayes captivated fans on Lifetimes’s The Client List alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt and this summer he officially cemented those same fans in front of their TV’s everywhere watching him heat up ABC Network’s Mistresses. Turn up the AC, cuz this guy & his heat wave aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Sugar Crazed!

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‘Sugar Crazed!’ Get those sweet tooths ready kiddies, cuz Winterthorne the series has finally arrived, and the premiere episode is filled with all the sugary dramatic goodness that fans are gonna devour & keep coming back for MORE!!!

Click on the Official link below & check out Martha Madison & an ammmmmazing cast including Special Guest Star Linda Gray in the series critics & fans are calling the ‘New Sweet Dramatic Obsession!’


Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Start Spreadin’ the News!’

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‘Start Spreadin’ the News!’ Put your Monday night Karaoke plans on hold kids, cuz Nash is back for Seconds! If you missed the stylings of Austin Falk on CBS’ smash hit 2 Broke Girls in it’s first run, then catch him tonight at 8/7c washin’ more than Max’s dishes!

Want more? Own all the laughter w/ the gang of Williamsburg Diner in Season 4 available now on DVD!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Bad Case Of Lovin’ You!’

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‘Bad Case Of Lovin’ You!’ Robert Palmer Watkins’ Dillon Quartermaine has a bad case of lovin’ the wrong/right person, but maybe Valerie could be the medicine the doctor ordered!

Tune in weekdays to General Hospital on the ABC Television Network & catch all the drama that’s heating up Summertime!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Sang Like A Canary!’

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Sang Like A Canary!’ Last week on MTV’s Scream Amelia Rose Blaire’s Piper went to the police to ‘help’ by telling them all that she knew! Did this info help or hurt? Tune in this Tues at 10/9c for the Last Episode before the Season Finale & see if the info helps get them one step closer to catching the Lakewood serial killer!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Crazy Week At Work!

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‘Crazy Week At Work!’ Freddie Smith of NBC’ Days of our Lives for Dream Loud Official ‘Conformity’ Series! Tune in tomorrow as Freddie & his character Sonny say an emotional Farewell to Salem!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young