‘American Dreams!’

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‘American Dreams!’ Mike C Manning of Cloud 9, Love Is All You Need & the upcoming feature film Limelight for Dream Loud Official. Mega cool time shooting w/ this guy yesterday! When you hear people say ‘If you don’t want to put in the work you don’t want it bad enough’ they’re obviously speaking of this guy! I’m not even certain when he ever stops working! With so many projects about to be released and just as many that he’s currently working on get ready to hear a lot more about him!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Not Afraid of the Limelight!’

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‘Not Afraid of the Limelight!’ In Hollywood you can’t be afraid of much, let alone the Limelight & this guy is facing it all head on & not acting like a deer in head lights by any means! With upcoming feature films including ‘Limelight’ of which he not only acted in, but wrote/produced as well Mr Paul Vandervort is makin’ waves & killin’ it in tinsel town!

Photographed By Brad Everett Young


‘No Little Vampire!’

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‘No Little Vampire!!’ He might not be a little vampire, but this guy’s career certainly is eternal! Turning 25 last week definitely gave him more fight than ever! Jonathan Lipnicki is just getting started! #GetReady for more of that Lipnicki Grrr in a slew of new kick ass projects he’s been filming!
Photograph By Brad Everett Young