Congratz Caleb!

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Congratz Caleb Ruminer! Announced today Exclusively via Deadline being set as lead in New NBC dram ‘La Brea!’ #WellDeserved

Read the entire article via Deadline at the below link!

‘It Happened One Night!’

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‘It Happened One Night!’ The electric Rick Malambri of Step Up 3D & The Lying Game for Dream Loud Official. Not since the likes of Clark Gable & Fred Astaire has Hollywood seen such a multitude of a talents in one leading man like they have with Mr Malambri.  And I can promise you when I say we’ve only begun to see but a small part of those phenomenal talents. He captivated fans & got them on their feet dancing in Step Up 3D and he’s about to wow fans all over again with the projects he working on. Keep watching everything this guy does. You’ll thank yourself. A few times 😉

Photograph by Brad Everett Young



Emma Rose Kenney

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The gorgeous Emma Rose Kenney of Showtime’s hit series Shameless for Dream Loud Official


‘The Star Catcher!’

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‘The Star Catcher!’ First Look at my shoot yesterday w/ the incredible Chad James Buchanan of Lee Daniels’ new hit series STAR for Dream Loud Official. This was a pretty epic shoot for it being my first Dream Loud Official shoot of the year! This guy is a blast! I can’t stress your keeping an eye on him enough, because he has so much in the works! Can’t wait for you guys to see more of the iconic captures we got during the shoot! Catch an All New episode of STAR this Wednesday at 9/8c only on FOX!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young



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‘BOO!’ Ethan Cutkosky of Showtime’s Shameless for Dream Loud Official. Hope everyone is having an amazing Halloween! Catch All New episodes of Shameless Sundays at 9/8c!

Photographs by Brad Everett Young



‘Hanging Out in Loserville!’

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‘Hanging Out in Loserville!’ Catch the phenomenal Mr Jonathan Lipnicki and a completely stellar cast of great friends today in the new feature film Loserville! The film made it’s Hollywood premiere last night and the reviews are over the top Amazing. Catch it in theaters & DigitalHD today and on Demand Oct 4th! #WelcomeToLoserville

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘The A Game!’

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‘The A Game!’ Justin Cornwell of CBS’ highly anticipated new series ‘Training Day’ for Dream Loud Official. When CBS’ announced their television adaption of the Academy Award Winning film, they knew they had to bring their ‘A Game’ and that arrived in the form of the talented Mr Justin Cornwell. Catch Justin & the phenomenal Bill Paxton when Training Day arrives in CBS primetime later this season!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘The Music Man’

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‘The Music Man’ Such a phenomenal shoot yesterday w/ the mega talented recording artist Spencer Sutherland! I now see why this guy is landing at the top of everyone’s hot ‘One to Watch’ list! Make sure you check out this guy & his incredible voice cuz you’re about to see him everywhere!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘Country Cool’

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‘Country Cool’ Madison Iseman of CMT’ Still the King for Dream Loud Official. If you’ve not been watching this hilarious New series then you’re truly missing out! Did I mention Billy Ray Cyrus plays an ex con /country music star moonlighting at the towns preacher who just coincidentally also performs as an Elvis impersonator? C’mon! Tune into an All New episode tonight at 9/8c and catch the gorgeous Madison Iseman starring alongside Bill Ray Cirus & Joey Lauren Adams in one of the funniest, laugh out loud new shows that I’ve seen in a long time!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young

Make Up by : Erik Torppe


‘The Statement’

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‘The Statement’ Love this girl, her strength and her honesty! Read Jen Lilley’s Instagram Statement to her fans on her account about why she’s leaving NBC’ Days of our Lives!

The fans are gonna miss her so much!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young