‘Flock of Wayne!’

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‘Flock of Wayne!’ After seeing this capture I’m pretty sure Mr Randy Wayne belongs in the 80’s! Get to the theater this weekend and catch the action packed thrill ride that is ‘Pandemic’ of which Randy was Exec Producer of! Later this month you can catch him in Union Bound when it’s released nation wide on Apr 22! The guy is killin’ it in front of and behind the camera!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Crazy Genius!’

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‘Crazy Genius!’ Had such a stellar time earlier this week watching this phenomenally talented gent up on the big screen at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood at the premiere/pilot presentation of ‘Ur In Analysis!’ I think the world is definitely ready for a lot more of him up on the silver screen! It’s your time Randy Wayne! It’s your time!

‘Conformity’ Series

Photograph By Brad Everett Young



Who Me?!?!

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Had a kick ass fun shoot yesterday with Mr Randy Wayne of ABCFamily’s The Lying Game and The Secret Life of the American Teenager for Dream Loud Official. So much GREAT stuff coming from this guy!

Photographs By Brad Everett Young