‘The Swooner!’

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‘The Swooner!’ Dream Loud Official Jukebox Heroes w/ the mega talented Rob Mayes! I mean the guy is already gracing every tv show on every network and then he can do this? C’mon! The guy makes JLO look lazy! 😉

View the full HD video & Much more here!


Filmed by Brad Everett Young

‘Music In The Air!’

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‘Music In The Air!’ Polaroid Portrait No.8 w/ the mega talented Jade Hassoune of FreeForm’s smash hit series ShadowHunters for Dream Loud Official. Check out Jade’s IndieGoGo for the 3rd Season of his hit series ‘That’s My DJ!’ They amazingly raised over 50% in the first day to complete Season 3, but need your help to cross the finish line! Check it out and help them make TV history!


Photograph by Brad Everett Young

Photo taken on the New Polaroid SnapTouch



‘Say Hello To My Little Friend!’

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‘Say Hello To My Little Friend!’ Rob Mayes of ABC Network’s Mistresses for Dream Loud Official. Always a blast working with this guy, so yesterday was no exception shooting he and his fellow cast mates of Mistress for Dream Loud Official’s ‘Must See Summer TV’ feature. He always brings his A+ game, so make sure you catch him making this Summer a scorcher every Monday night on Mistresses at 10/9c!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Get LIVE with Mr Christopher Brochu Tonight!

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If you’re in the LA area come out & hear Mr Christopher Brochu play his new single ‘What’s Coming To You’ & more tonight at the Mid City Music Lounge in LA! $8 at the door & he goes on at 8:15pm. Remember the “8” and don’t be late! 😉 It’s his Last show for a little bit so come out & hang out.

For more info visit Mid City Lounge’s Twitter account


Christopher Brochu of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries for Dream Loud Official

Photographed By Brad Everett Young


What’s Coming To You!

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‘What’s Coming To You’ Check out Chris Brochu’s debut single now available on iTunes & catch an All New episode of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries tonight! #‎WillLukeSurvive?

Chris Brochu of The Vampire Diaries for Dream Loud Official!


Photograph By Brad Everett Young



Casey Moss

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Casey Moss of NBC’s Days of our Lives for Dream Loud Official

Photograph By Brad Everett Young