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‘Arachnophobia!’ Happy #DreamLoudOfficial Bday today to the gorgeous Amber Coney! Hope you’re having an spooktacular one doll!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young

Spider : Target


‘Bloody Good Summer’

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‘Bloody Good Summer’ So how was your Summer? Amber Coney of Dead of Summer for Dream Loud Official. It’s been quite an adventure for the campers on the new hit FreeForm series, and it’s still not over! In tomorrow night’s Season Finale all bets are off and who knows how it all will end. Tune in at 9/8c following the Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars & find out Who Will Survive Summer Camp! It’s gonna be a ‘Bloody’ good time! 🙂

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘Color Me Lovely!’

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‘Color Me Lovely!’ Niki Koss of FreeForm’s highly anticipated New Series ‘Famous In Love’ for Dream Loud Official. Many of you have been following the production of the filming of this soon to be Smash Hit series & let me tell you…You Will Simply Fall Head Over Hills In LOVE with this girl! And the show of course! 😉

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Wolf Of Many Colors!’

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‘Wolf Of Many Colors!’ Behind the Scenes of Today’s Dream Loud Official shoot w/ the ammmmazing Lachlan Buchanan for his game changing episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf tomorrow night! The Teen Wolf fans are gonna flip!

Photograph By Ana Harrison


‘Being Dorian Gray’

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‘Being Dorian Gray’ When Oscar Wilde penned the epic novel on Dorian Gray he utmost certainly had to have Mr Luke Cook in mind for the role, so it’s fate that this charmer portray him tonight on TNT’s The Librarians!

Catch Luke alongside Noah Wyle, Rebecca Romijn & a cast of overachieving scholars in and All New episode tonight at 8/7c on TNT!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Hey Santa!’

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‘Hey Santa!’ Niki Koss of Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and the upcoming ABCFamily series Famous In Love for Dream Loud Official.

Over the weekend many Christmas decorations and trees went up! December has finally arrived and the Christmas Season is officially upon us! Who’s been Naughty & Who’s been Nice? 🙂

Photograph By Brad Everett Young




‘The Pink Lady!’

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‘The Pink Lady!’ HUGE Congratz to Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse‘ very own Niki Koss on being cast in the New ABC Family pilot ‘Famous In Love’ alongside Bella Thorne, Carter Jenkins & Keith Powers! The new fan cult series is born! Get ready for the ride kidz! This one is gonna be fun!
Photograph By Brad Everett Young


‘Sleeping Beauty’

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‘Sleeping Beauty’ First Look at yesterday’s shoot w/ Niki Koss of Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse for Dream Loud Official. So much fun shooting with this girl! Expect to see big big things from here soon! Like reallllll soon! 🙂 Did I say soon?

Photograph By Brad Everett Young


Happy Bday JL!

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Happy Happy Bday today to Jean-Luc! I can’t even tell everyone how much laughter went on during the process of getting this one shot. Not even sure how we ever got it! There’s like 20+ more of these. 🙂 So, Happy Bday to the guy behind that infectious laugh, the inappropriate jokes we can’t help but laugh at, and the witty sarcastic banter the world wouldn’t be the same without! Hope you’re resting & healing well good sir! Your audience awaits the return of your creative madness!

Photographs By Brad Everett Young


Happy Bday Mr Bond!

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Happy Bday Mr Bond!’ Happy Bday today to the Special Agent Derek Theler of ABC Family’s smash hit series Baby Daddy! I mean, How is this guy not the next 007? James Bond 007 Casting I think you’ve got a call to make!

Photograph By Brad Everett Young