‘The Remorseful One!’

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‘The Remorseful One!’ The phenomenal Will Kemp of The CW’ Reign for Dream Loud Official. Lord Darnley betrayed Mary & now their marriage hangs in the balance! Can he win back her love? Tune in tonight to see who will receive the Queen’s affections on an All New episode of Reign beginning at 9/8c only on The CW!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘Walk The Line!’

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‘Walk The Line!’ Polaroid Portrait No. 1 w/ Mr Rob Mayes for Dream Loud Official. With the classic Polaroid camera we know & love receiving an inspiring digital update for it’s 80th Anniversary I wanted to start a new series & show just how much more you can now do with the magic of the Instant Camera! So excited to have teamed up with Polaroid to help save the Art & Music programs in schools & helping to inspire a new generation of photographers! This photo was taken w/ the Polaroid SnapTouch! Snap, Edit & Print the images you want all in an instant!

Take a browse and see how much Polaroid has to offer to a new generation of creatives!




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‘Hunter!’ Chad James Buchanan of FOX’ hit new series STAR for Dream Loud Official. No worries kiddies 100% Faux Fur! One can completely pull off the Dynasty meets Rock Star look without sacrificing harmless animals! As demonstrated by Mr Buchanan!

Check out Spirit Hoods for 100% gorgeous fake fur & save an animal with every purchase! 10% of each purchase is donated to preserve endangered animals



‘Like A Prayer!’

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‘Like A Prayer!’ Molly Burnett & her spiritual beauty for Dream Loud Official featuring a stunning custom necklace by Tre Chicas Fun N Funky! Every time I edit one of these new images from our most recent shoot I go ‘Can this girl get anymore gorgeous?’ C’mon!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘An American Feud!’

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‘An American Feud!’ Was mega cool turning on one of my FAV new shows, FX’s hit series FEUD, and catching Mr Brian Dare guest starring & having to lay it on the line w/ the legendary Bette Davis, aka Susan Sarandon! You killed it sir! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


The Polaroid Diaries!

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The Polaroid Diaries! So as many of you might have noticed lately I’ve been shooting a lot with Polaroid & it’s for good reason. Polaroid was the First Camera I ever used & learned photography with so when I learned it was the iconic brand was celebrating their 80th Anniversary I couldn’t think of anyone better to team up with to promote my Dream Loud Official campaign to help save the Art & Music programs in schools. Photography changed my life and I think it’s time for a whole new generation to fall in love w/ Polaroid the way I did growing up and inspire lots of new ‘Instant’ moments!


Here’s a look at yesterday’s Polaroid portrait session w/ Will Kemp & Rob Mayes of The CW’ Reign & Frequency! Had such a blast with these two capturing classic shots w/ the new Polaroid Snap Touch! I’m addicted to this new release that allows you to Snap, Edit and then pic the pics you want to print! It’s all the fun of the Classic Polaroid camera with an updated twist!



And of course through the power of Instagram Stories I’m able to share these great Behind the Scenes moments! Compliments of Boomerang!

Check back to See What Develops as I continue to shoot the Polaroid Portrait Series to celebrate the 80th Anniversary!

‘For King’s Sake!’

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‘For King’s Sake!’ Will Kemp of The CW’s Reign for Dream Loud Official. Had such a ‘royal’ good time shooting yesterday w/ this good sir! He brought his classic English charm & then some so putting a vintage Polaroid in his hands during the shoot deemed nothing short of perfect! Catch Sir Will raising temps every Friday night at 9/8c on Reign!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘Love At First Bite?’

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‘Love At First Bite?’ Keahu Kahuanui of The CW’ The Originals for Dream Loud Official. Last week’s Season Premiere started things off with a bang, but tonight they get down right explosive when Teen Wolf’s Keahu Kahuanui joins the cast! Catch the All New episode at 8/7c only on The CW!

Photograph by Brad Everett Young


‘The Jet Setter’

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‘The Jet Setter’ The gorgeous Courtney Hope of CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful for Dream Loud Official. Sally is leaving on a jet plane to be by Thomas’ side while attending Brooke & Ridge’s wedding in Australia. Will Brooke & Ridge make it down the isle? Again. Tune in weekdays to CBS Daytime for all the dramatic excitement!

Loving the Tres Chicas Fun N Funky jewelry Courtney is wearing as much as we do? Check out their Instagram & Twitter for how you can order your own!




Ethan Cutkosky

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The amazing Ethan Cutkosky of Showtime’s Shameless for Dream Loud Official

Photograph by Brad Everett Young