Dreams On the Nightstand

By YoungDreamer / April, 6, 2015 / 0 comments


‘Dreams On the Nightstand!’

When I first moved to LA I had the extreme honor of working with & getting to know the unforgettable prolific TV producing Icon / Pioneer Aaron Spelling​! During a conversation one day I got the chance to discuss w/ him about how important Dreams were to me. Both in the aspirational sense & the ones that played in my mind like a movie as I slept at night. I told him how much both fueled my work ethic & creativity, no matter how crazy they were. He quickly responded with ‘Let me tell you the secret of my success & hopefully give you some advice at the same time! I keep a notepad & pen on my nightstand & often wake up & write down my Dreams. Some I’ve turned in to work, some I’ve question what the heck did I eat before I went to bed, but more importantly its a way of documenting them, so that you can remember & do whatever you chose with them. We always say we wish we could remember the crazy dream we had last night because it was like something out of a movie, but before we get up & brush our teeth we have forgotten them. Put that notepad & pen on your nightstand & you’ll thank yourself over and over again!’ From then on I did just that, and to this day I still keep a notepad & pen on my nightstand & often wake up & write, well scribble, down the craziest things. Many of those scribbles have helped me insanely over the years. Some I’ve turned into scripts/shoots/etc & others have become great conversations pieces. lol I often tell people this was some of the best advice I was ever given & tell others they should do the same. Now go put that notepad & pen on your nightstand & start documenting those DREAMS! You never know what you might do with them! :)))) #DreamLoud

Photograph By Brad Everett Young​